The Closing of Singapore Sentosa Underwater World

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Singapore Sentosa Underwater World will end it operations this month on 26th June 2016 (Sunday) as being its last day of operations after 25 years of serving the public as an interactive oceanarium. The reason behind o this Singapore Sentosa Underwater World cease its operations and vacate its facility because with the lease expiration in less than 2 years.

 Singapore Sentosa Island beach showing a brownish sand near to this Underwater World places.
Finding a suitable home early for these animals is the key priority. After nearly a year of review, a home has been found for the pink dolphins, fur seals and otters from Dolphin Lagoon. They have been since moved to their new home in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Zhuhai China and hence "Meet the Dolphins and Fur Seals" sessions will be unavailable during the last 20 days of operations.
This is the Dolphine Lagoon Park entrance after exited from the aquarium of Underwater World where it was stopped visiting service.

Guests are invited to watch the feeding sessions at Singapore Underwater World and in particular, the feeding of sharks, rays and schooling fishes at this iconic underwater tunnel. The feeding sessions are definitely a must-see. It is particularly interesting to see how the various species actually feed. The feeding schedule is indicated below.

Day of Operation
Touch Pool
1.00 pm
Daily 10.00 am to 7.00 pm (last admission 6.30 pm) before 26th June 2016
Vertical Tube
2.30 pm
3.00 pm
Crabs Display
4.00 pm
Underwater Tunnel Reef Colony
11.30 am/ 4.30 pm
Ocean Colony
11.45 am/ 2.30pm/ 5.00pm

Singapore Underwater World is established since 1991 and represents one of the special places in Sentosa Island, Singapore where family memories are made and cherished here. In appreciation of the support over the 25 years, Singapore Underwater World invites everyone to revisit family memories here with its first opening ticket price in 1991 of SGD $9 per adult and SGD $5 per child from 7th to 26th June 2016.

A cheap entry ticket of Underwater World was sold at SGD $9 for adult in this last period.

Singapore Underwater World is an entertaining and educational oceanarium that everyone of us should not miss it. On 10th June 2016, I went to this Underwater World and love it so much that I stayed here for hours just for this attraction. I had a simple lunch with its famous selling hot dog and iced lemon tea in a set package. After lunch, I needed to grad for a long queue lining up to the ticket counter for about 20 minutes.

Hot Dog King outlet in front of the Underwater World served the visitors with various kind of burgers set plus drink.

A fish burget set lunch comes with special design of drink container to be given away for this last period.

I grabbed for a super long queue on the visit to Underwater World Aquarium.

If you have never been to any of the Underwater World, I strongly recommend you to take a look at this one since you have come all the way to Sentosa. You will be amazed by looking at these unique and stunning sea creatures in this Touch Pool. Try putting your hands into the Touch Pool and catch the fishes. It is never been easy, but the fun is there. If anyone of you are daring enough, you have the chance to feed the stingray in the Touch Pool.

This feeding stingray in Underwater World here are so kind and playful sea creature with its smooth skin surface.

I saw some of the kids here were fun and their parent paid SGD $3 to buy the feed for them. I was delighted by their courage. However no one really dares to do this instead of feeding by hand as demonstrated by the staff here, they throw the feed one by one into the pool.

The fish feeding session is here now and you can throw the feed one by one into the pool.

It is interesting to see how the seahorses move around. They do not rash and I like their cool character and take life easy. The seadragons are another strange creature. It is like branches of leaves grown out of their body. If they do not move, you can hardly to tell that is a living creature.

Seahorses are fish and live in water, breath through gills and have a swim bladder and a long snake-like tail.

 These leafy and weedy seadragons are closed related to seahorses which it is endemic to the waters off south and east Australia. The tail of a male leafy seadragon will turn into a bright yellow when he is ready to mate.

Seeing is to believe and that was what I thought initially. The jelly fish were colourful and they changed from one colour to another. Do you think so?

  Here is the capturing video for jellyfish, a free swimming marine animal consisting of a gelatinous umbrella shaped bell and trailing tentacles which can be used to capture prey. Hope you enjoyed watching this video.

This cyclic tunnel makes the sea creatures come close to us with a long conveyor belt that transported many tourists beneath the ocean and many types of sea animals swimming over my head also. There were too much to see at one go. Take your time and go through a second round if you needed.

 A long conveyor belt in this Underwater Tunnel brings you an unforgottable memory to see many sea animal species.

 A scuba diver from this Underwater World was so friendly to wave his hand behind me while I was taking a selfie photo in this tunnel.

In the other section, I was here fascinated with the living fossils exhibit where the marine creatures were said to resemble closely to their ancestors that appeared hundreds of millions years ago. At one aquarium, there was few living gigantic crab.

This ammonite fossil has highly complex and wavy suture lines on the surface of its shell. Some ammonite fossils look metallic because a gold-coloured mineral called pyrite has accumulated in them over the many millions of years.

This Japanese Giant Spider Crab has to undergo molting once or twice a year, which is the shedding of its whole exoskeleton in order to grow a bigger new shell.

Viewers will also notice that many of the inhabitants at this Underwater World have developed quite interesting relationships with the divers who hand feed them.

This diver was hand feeding the fishes in the aquarium! What's a yummy food to feed!

These were the real Sea Snake type things buried halfway and stick inside the sand with their little heads popping out. So weird! 

Bamboo shark embryo development, which is starting from week 1 to week 10.  

Decorator Crab is a type of invertebrate known as seaweed and spider crab due to the shape of their bodies which can grow up to 5 inches in length and they are not picky eaters, often feeding on algae and sponges.

End of day, I was delighted to discover that the Underwater World was a full of amazing sea creatures.

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