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[Recent Trip] Explore Whispering Sands and Savanna Greenery Field

Saturday, May 21, 2016

After we were descending from the Mount Bromo crater, we hopped back into our jeep. We drove past an entire of sand and dirt and the area opened up to a black sand field with a cluster of hills fully covered with the grains of sand and coastal rocks. After 15 minutes driving, we were finally reached the area of Whispering Sand, such a romantic name where it is a beautiful place served as a shooting location for magazine publishing, wedding photography and film movie making.

A  panoramic view of Savanna Greenery Field!
Whispering Sand is a massive smooth sand usually result a toned voice like whispering something when someone talk any word by low voice. 

They were shooting the outdoor wedding gown photography under this shady and windy weather.

The best time to adrenaline in Whispering Sand is when it is in the humid and dry season because the deserts will not be too dusty. Where the wind swept past, we could see the marks at the soft sand that was made up mainly of volcanic ash.  Nothing grew and except for a few sparsely spread-out rocks, it was just endless stretches of black sand. 

Some tourists had said that when the wind blows and the sands moves, you can hear whispers. I could not help but I felt so small surrounded by mountain ridges. I was just looked at the cute green dunes and contours behind me with our wefie photography shooting.

This is our wefie photograph shooting at this Whispering Sands. 

At around 8am morning, the sun was beaming down on us, radiating the rich and deep blue sky. It is still not easy to describe the loveliness of Whispering Sands where a picturesque meadow and a contrast sight to the arid and sulphur bleaching Bromo. After a little photography session here, our next destination is going to Savanna Hill and it can be accessed via the sand of sea where located not far from the Bromo volcanoes.

About 15 minutes later of our road driving trip, we were eventually reached the savanna hill area with so captivated we drove right into it. The air was so fresh one could literally smell the grass in the air. This was in absolute in contrast to where we were just past a few minutes ago. And this was what we saw underneath the sea of fog when we were up on Mt Penanjakan this morning. 

Apparently, this was the area where the toxicity of the volcano smog could not reach and with the eruptions previously, the area was covered in rich fertile soil, hence the lushness of the greens here.  The hills around were pushed and formed each time the volcano erupted.

When we asked our driver to take us to a nice photographic spot of savanna, he brought us here. It was a beautiful spot indeed and we were lucky that no one was around. 

Multiple species of wild flowers, one of them is Dried Edelweiss, a well-known mountain flower in which non-toxic has been used traditionally in folk medicine as a remedy against abdominal and respiratory diseases.

I was so absorbed with nature that when I turned back I realised how far I had wandered. 

According to our driver, the savanna sometime caught fire especially during the hot season, explaining patches of burnt mark we spotted on the grasses. But I guess it is law of nature as it will accelerate the spring of new vegetation that will envelop the hill with greenery comes raining season. We each took a separate path and took pictures of each other walking among the tall lalangs. The hills looked so soft and inviting and I kept wondering if I could climb up one and just roll off to the grasslands below. 

This Savanna field in Mount Bromo here is a plain land filled by coarse grasses and scatter tree growth especially on the margins of the tropics where the rainfall is seasonal, had made this area suitable serving as grass stable for horse. 

“Difficult path often lead to beautiful destinations.”- Savanna at Mount Bromo. 

Savanna Hill is located around the eastern part of the caldera of Mount Bromo, now so popular since been used as movie film and wedding shooting location.

The lalang grasses were very tall and thick, and parasitic vines and thorn bushes braided together to form a barrier that was more effective than any man-made obstruction.

See Big Thing From Far Distance. This 4 wheels jeep that we used to drive to Mount Bromo and Savanna Hill is a 5 seated mountain jeep.

A little geography lesson I have learnt here.  The entire sand desert and savannah area used to be where the original volcano sat before it exploded and blew itself off.  The ground movement created the surrounding mountains and hill which were pushed out of the ground.  A few remained as active volcanoes where the heat continued to push through. Not too sure how accurate this is, or rather, how well I understood what I was actually told.  

Horses are magnificent creature and become one of the important income source for the owner here to serve as tourism transportation up to entrance of Mount Bromo. 
If you truly love nature, you will find it beauty everywhere.
We hoped on back into our jeep and headed back where we came from.  We again stopped by the sand desert area which was definitely a stark contrast to the previous views. We were heading back to our hotel in Malang, I was eager to get some shots of where we went the morning before I was heading towards my next destination, Batu. 

I had chosen Savanna hill as it had an amazing view of wonderful grassland. So do bear with me, one more shot of panoramic view of savanna where surrounded by mountain hills before I leave for paragliding in Batu city. Our driver and his jeep were waiting for us patiently while we were crazy taking photos of almost everything. 

Please continue to read my next travel blog and check out my shared experience on the MountainousParagliding in Batu.

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