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[Recent Trip 2016 Apr 27-May 1] 5 Natural Spots Not To Miss in East Java Indonesia

Sunday, May 08, 2016

East Java is a province in the eastern end of Java to the capital of Surabaya, Indonesia. Known as the city of heroes and play important role as Indonesia’s second largest city, Surabaya has the feel of a major metropolis minus endless traffic tie-ups. Surabaya is also famous for its tourist destinations and attracts thousands of visitors to the city during holiday to visit historical places and enjoying amusement offered by the city. 

Along with its vibrant atmosphere and many attractive features of East Java province as well as historical places like museums and churches, not many people knows outside of the Surabaya city contains spectacular natural attractions of pristine beaches, fantastic wild reserves, unique highland lakes and stunning volcanoes are the most spectacular to make a perfect place for holiday with its natural view. I would like to present you the 5 natural attractions in East Java that makes worth to visit this marvelous country

(1) Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is a famous natural paradise of East Java because of the experience of its active volcanic crater where located in four regions, namely Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang. The most desirable activity at Mount Bromo is to go to its nearest Mount Penanjakan to see the sunrise, mountain climbing, horse riding and walking through the desert of Mount Bromo. You can get to the crater rim by pony ride from the camping bottom side through Sand Ocean until the foot of volcano. (Please click here for Mount Bromo blog reading

(2)Sand of The Sea

Sand of the Sea also named as Sand Ocean is a desert of Mount Bromo covering the area of 5,250 hectares, is located at an altitude of 2,100 meters above the sea level. In the sea of sand you can find 7 eruptive centers in the two paths that crisscross the east-west and northeast-southwest. In northeast-southeast of Mount Bromo is emerging that includes the active volcano which at times may issue an eruption of smoke and threaten human life in the vicinity of about 3,500 inhabitants living here.  (Please click here for Sand of The Sea blog reading) 

(3) Whispering Sand and Savanna Hill

Whispering Sand and Savanna Hill in Mount Bromo become the main destination for visitors to complete Mount Bromo tour packages especially when the rainy season is going on because can get cheaper price. These two locations have similar attractions especially when domestic and foreign visitors to make a photography here after they have finished doing the Mount Bromo trekking. They are located about 1.5 km at the northern side from the Mount Bromo crater.  

Whispering Sand and Savanna Hill are only able to be reached by private jeep for 15 minutes driving from hotel around Cemoro Lawang. Whispering Sand is called “Pasir Berbisik “in Indonesia language and most film producer use the whispering sand since this place lush of a massive desert surrounded Bromo Mountain. Whispering Sand is massive smooth sand usually result a toned voice like whispering something when someone talk any word by low voice.

Meanwhile Savanna Hill is a various green grasses grow in this terrain surrounded by high mountains and it is very suitable used as mount bromo photography for pre-wedding background, shooting for romantic film, photo pose and selfie. This Savanna Hill has another name called Bukit Teletubis because it is distance between whispering sand and very close only bordered by Mountain Ider-Ider. The best time to enjoy Savanna and Whispering Sand Desert is in early morning after finish enjoy Mount Bromo sunrise from the highest peak. (Please click here for Whispering Sand and Savanna Hill blog reading)  

(4) Wisata Paralayang, Batu Malang

For you who are adrenaline junkie love unusual sport, wants to fly and soaring like an eagle, wants to get the sensation of catching white cloud, wants to have unique and stylish pictures and to enjoy Batu’s landscape from different angle, you may consider to do a paragliding sport in Batu, East Java here. The initial package price could start from as low as IDR 350,000 (about SGD35) and you will get a tandem paragliding service with national licensed tandem master, international standard equipments, a paragliding certificate, safety first operations and crews who provide friendship love and rock and roll. (Please click here for Wisata Paralayang blog reading)  

(5) Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater consists of several strato volcanoes and cinder cones and has about 960m wide caldera, deemed as another one of the attractive and dangerous place in the world because of its active volcanic activity constantly spewing sulfur smoke clubs. Its world’s largest acid lake of Ijen, incredible in its beauty blue fire and extremely hard working conditions in the sulfur mine. Tourists here are interested in the acidic crater’s lake shore which is a natural large deposit of sulfur. (Please click here for Ijen Crater blog reading)

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