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One Day Islands Hopping: Kota Kinabalu Water

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Do you want to see a Boracay look like a white sand beach with crystal clear, blue and turquoise water? 

Here we came to Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, an island with a few kilometers away from Kota Kinabalu city, made up of five small islands including Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik, Gaya and Sulug. This Kota Kinabalu waters have a world-class beaches and coral reefs and there is also snorkelling, diving paradise, and other water sport activities will definitely have so much in store for you.

This island park took us 15 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu shore by boat ride heading to five islands scenery with different characteristics and equipped with water sports facilities was ample to us, whether it was extreme sports or just enjoyed the scenery under the sun made us felt very suitable. It is open daily from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm hours. For our island hopping tour package, we chose to visit Sapi, Manukan and Mamutik Islands.

Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal, Kota Kinabalu 

On 14th November 2006, we went to Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal in downtown Kota Kinabalu where we bagan our island hopping tour. That was the ferry terminal for those peoples heading to these islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. This ferry terminal was also the departure point for travellers staying in the Manukan Island Resort. The price of the trip will depend on how many islands you want to visit. It starts at RM15 for one island, RM35 for two islands and so on. The mentioned price here was referring back to 2006 year. You can also rent snorkelling gear and life jackets at an extra cost.

You can get the option to book your water sport activities at cheaper price right in the island since there are many facilitators walking around the beach. You can opt not to take the island tour package which can be cheaper. What all you need to do is just chek their island transfer schedule and pay a conservation fee of RM10 for each island and only able to view the island from the boat. After getting our life jacket and snorkelling gear, we just waited for our boat to arrive for picking up us.

Sapi Island

The first island we visited was Sapi where we reached after a 15 minutes boat ride. It was a small island rich in marine life good for snorkelling and diving.

Our first stop island: Sapi Island.

There were wooden tables and chairs near the shore where we left our things. 

Someone had offered us to try their water activities with the rates as below. Price shown here was as 2006 year. We did not available of the water activities and we preferred to snorkel that included in our earlier purchase package where we obtained our gears at Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal.

 Price (RM)
  Price (RM)
 RM 90
 Flying Fish
 RM 70
 Banana Boat Ride
 RM 40
 Jet Ski (30 min)
 RM 170
 Scuba Diving
 RM 250
 Seabed Walking
 RM 250

We were leaving from Sapi to our next second island, Manukan Island. 

Manukan Island

We next went to Manukan Island which is the most developed island amongst the five islands on this marine park and one of the popular islands in Sabah, gave us wonderful treat and adventure as the clean blue sea abundant with marine life lured us to a swimming.

To see coral information, you have to swim a little further. There were markers that serve as reference where going beyond this first mark will lead you to see the corals. Just like in Sapi, there were many tables and chairs arranged under the shade of trees near the shore where we ate our lunch. There was a canteen nearby where you can buy your food here.

Mamutik Island

The last island we visited was Mamutik Island. It was the smallest island amongst the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. It is very popular because of its proximity and famous for its nice white beach and unspoiled corals.

Our last stop: Mamutik Island.

Mamutik Island with its low unpolluted white beach sand made us felt exhilarating!

Mamutik will be an ideal venue to get away from it all. The corals to the north-eastern tip of the island are quite interesting. The beach is rocky but you can see several fishes all over. Mamutik island is usually frequented during weekend. We were too exhausted ourselves with the last stretch of our swimming in Manukan Island but however, we were unstoppable go to the seashore to play with the fishes. Even just near the shore, we could really see there were so many fishes swimming around us and there were pretty big. If you are here, you can actually feel them gently nibbling you.
You can see our faces were smiling happily with playing around the fishes.

We had our fun under the hot sun and moulded a majestic sand castle at Mamutik Island here.

At this park, there are a cluster of islands here which caters to all kinds of island activity. Scuba divers and snorkelers are not forgotten as there are numerous dive sites available around the park. Crystal clear waters await visitors where you will be amazed by the clarity and also the marine life seen from up top and also underwater.

I am highly recommended anyone visiting Kota Kinabalu who loves the beach and islands must visit this marine park island which it is only 15 minutes by boat ride from Kota Kinabalu city. At last not the least, Sabah's rich marine life was awe-inspiring. We also learned that Sabah's coral reefs were home to some of the largest and most varied communities of marine life on earth.

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